Cloudy with a chance of service

Have had an easy few weeks as I’ve been taking a pre-holiday holiday…of course now I’m on a (busman’s) holiday I’ll be using it for development work and learning some of the APIs and frameworks I want to work with. No sooner had I started experimenting with Bootstrap for frontend UI then they had v3rc1,…

Have a bias toward action – let’s see something happen now. You can break that big plan into small steps and take the first step right away.

Indira Gandhi

WordPress caching and Amazon CloudFront

By: William Warby

Have been reacquainting myself with Amazon Web Services and figuring out how to add caching to a WordPress installation. Also cleaning up some old unused volumes and reorganising S3 buckets. When I was installing WordPress remembered seeing a caching plugin that can use S3 and CloudFront – W3 Total Cache. To cut a long story short…

WordPress 3.6

Just upgraded the blog to WordPress 3.6 “Oscar”. Don’t think anything’s broken…(clicks nervously around site).

Trends in interactive design 2013

Really interesting presentation showing the designs de jour and where online design is going. Has helped firm up some of my ideas for project designs. One thing’s for sure, having a product that runs on mobile web is fast becoming essential with Google predicting 2013 as a crossover year where mobile access will exceed desktop.…

No Backbone?

Trying to sort out what tools to use in one project weighing up Backbone.js and Angular.js. I’m looking for ways of modeling my internal data structures in JavaScript. I think I’m going to plump for Angular – it just feels closer to the way I think than Backbone though the later seems to provide much…

Workin 5 to 9…

Heard the phrase five-to-nine (as in 5pm to 9am) for the first time this week to describe people running businesses in their ‘spare’ time. Och Dolly Parton (no mean businesswoman hersel) is gonny huv tae write a new sang.

Brickwall or hurdle?

By: Michael Gil

Today I’m giving lots of thought to how to turn a brick wall into a hurdle that can be overcome. It’s kind of a passion-killer when you see something written in black-and-white that on first reading kills your plans stone-dead. My problem-solving skills are going to be put to the test…

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